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3D Global Solutions (3DGS) is the sister company Exceptional 3D and is the official exclusive “Channel Marketing” distribution arm of Exceptional 3D products and software provider. Through 3DGS Channel Marketing efforts of a growing base of Value Added Resellers (Var’s) & system integrators now all have extraordinary opportunity to capitalize on the popularity of Exceptional 3D Glasses-Free 3D products by offering their patented auto-stereoscopic products and 3D services to their clients and retailers at cost effective prices.

Exceptional 3D goal is to “Keep It Simple” by offering 3DGS resellers the opportunity to get into the Glasses-Free 3D market by allowing them to purchase our 3D commercial displays, consumer products, services and content at affordable prices that rival traditional 2D digital solutions. This will allow resellers to introduce our emerging 3D 4K products to both new and existing customers and be a part of developing the growth of the 3D consumer market.

Why choose to sell Exceptional 3D products & be part of 3DGS Channel Marketing Program.

The answer is simple; 3D is the future and the future is now. As the digital signage industry transitions from traditional 2D display technology to engaging 3D 4K advertising & infotainment content, it is important to know that Exceptional 3D displays and 3DGS software solutions also allows for the playback of traditional 2D content with no noticeable loss of resolution.

Exceptional 3D's patented lenticular lens technology synced with 3DGS proprietary software allows the playback of existing 2D content as your clients start transition to 3D content. End user clients are always looking to purchase the latest technology, so you should educate your clients to make them aware of this before they consider purchasing 2D displays for their network. Your client now can purchase an Exceptional 3D 4K display today at relatively the same price cost of a 2D display and have a Future-Proof technology with the ability to play 2D & 3D content. With 3DGS content management software solutions, they can even play 2D and 3D content split screen simultaneously and even have a real-time 2D RSS feed crawl at the bottom of the display.

Popularity of 4K

It is reported by IHS a leading source of insight and research firm, that global 4K Display Market will reach $52 Billion in 2020, with the public-display market also increasing the adoption of 4K. When combining Exceptional 3D Glasses-Free 3D technology combining these two emerging technologies coupled with the ever-increasing amount of 3D and 4K filmed content, Exceptional 3D products are well position in the marketplace.

3D Global Solution Reseller Program Features:

• As a certified 3D GLOBAL SOLUTION reseller, our program allows resellers to purchase our products at special discounted prices and allows reseller to market them to end users and retailers. Ask your 3DGS representative for the reseller price list today.

• It is important for end user clients to see first-hand our Glasses-Free 3D solution with their own eyes so they can truly understand the impact of the technology so they can make a purchasing decision. To become a reseller 3DGS requires and offers a Reseller Demo Starter Kit which includes a 28” 3D display, media player with pre-installed 3D playback software along with 10 minutes of demo content and travel case. This will allow the reseller to start doing demos and generating interest and sales for our products right away.

Click here for special pricing for Reseller Demo Starter Kit

• We know it is important that you represent your company as well as our products properly so to make your job easier we have a reseller link where you can download a variety of sales and marketing tools that include images of, Exceptional 3D branded display pictures, Exceptional 3D branded logo’s, competitive information, spec sheets, industry case studies and marketing templates. Some of this information is also available on Exceptional 3D website at www.exceptional3d.com.

• Many of 3DGS resellers wish to produce content for their clientele, we encourage this and make it easy for you to do. It is important to know that creating auto-stereoscopic content differs then creating traditional 2D content, therefore it is necessary to have someone on your staff or at your outsourced animation house that is skilled in 3D Studio Max or Maya software. Once you purchase our Exceptional 3D “Content Creation Suite Software”, 3DGS will conduct a mandatory training session for your animators on how to use our content creation tools and teach them different techniques so that they can produce the best content as possible to be shown on Exceptional 3D displays. It is important that the content is done right, has a good quality 3D effect and looks great on the 3D display.

• For those important account calls, 3DGS personnel are available to make joint calls with you to help you either close a sale or answer technical questions that might come up. Our experienced team is always here to help you.

• For technical support issues, we provide you with dedicated phone support for critical issues.

• 3DGS from time to time generates leads through trade shows and direct marketing campaigns which we will provide to our resellers to follow up on.

• Support for tradeshows, as tradeshow are very important to our business as people need to see our Glasses-Free 3D technology first hand, it is extremely important that you as a reseller to participate in the various tradeshow in your region or vertical market. As we are a global company Exceptional 3D and 3DGS teams cannot be everywhere, but when we can, we will certainly help support you in your effort through our global marketing effort or assist you in booth presence.

Please fill in the information below or call us at 800-314-9122 ext. 1 if you are interested in becoming a reseller of Exceptional 3D products and service under 3D Global Solutions Worldwide Channel Marketing Program.

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