Would you like to become a Reseller?
Exceptional 3D sister company 3D Global Solutions (3DGS) is the official “Channel Marketing” distribution arm of Exceptional 3D products and software provider. Through 3DGS Channel Marketing efforts of a growing base of Value Added Resellers (Var’s) & system integrators now have extraordinary opportunity to capitalize on the popularity of Exceptional 3D Glasses-Free 3D products by offering our patented auto-stereoscopic products and 3D services to their clients and retailers at cost effective prices.
Exceptional 3D goal is to “Keep It Simple” by offering our resellers the opportunity to get into the Glasses-Free 3D market by allowing them to purchase our 3D commercial displays, consumer products, services and content at affordable prices that rival traditional 2D digital solutions. This will allow resellers to introduce our emerging 3D 4K products to both new and existing customers and be a part of developing the growth of the 3D consumer market.
The answer is simple; 3D is the future and the future is now. As the digital signage industry transitions from traditional 2D display technology to engaging 3D 4K advertising & infotainment content, it is important to know that Exceptional 3D displays and 3DGS software solutions also allows for the playback of traditional 2D content with no noticeable loss of resolution.
Exceptional 3D's patented lenticular lens technology synced with 3DGS proprietary software allows the playback of existing 2D content as your clients start transition to 3D content.  End user clients are always looking to purchase the latest technology, so you should educate your client to make them aware of this before they consider purchasing 2D displays for their network. Your client now can purchase an Exceptional 3D 4K display today at relatively the same price cost of a 2D display and have a Future-Proof technology with the ability to play 2D & 3D content. With 3DGS content management software solutions, they can even play 2D and 3D content split screen simultaneously and even have a real-time 2D RSS feed crawl at the bottom of the display.

3D Global Solution Reseller Program Features:

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Please call us at 800-314-9122 ext 1. If you are interested in becoming a reseller of Exceptional 3D products and service under 3D Global Solutions Worldwide Channel Marketing Program.